Three New Nintendo Switch Games Launch Today


A brand new Nintendo Indie presentation was just released. It is a strange occurrence, with no publicity for the event and it not being live-streamed. Nevertheless, it revealed a bevvy of new indie games that will be coming to Nintendo Switch, as well as release dates for some of those games that are stuck in limbo.

Some notable announcements were that Bad North, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition, and Morphies Law will all be available today on Nintendo Switch. Bad North and Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition are available now and Morphies Law will be available at 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST, and 18:00 BST.

Windjammers 2 was also announced, with a release window of 2019. Windjammers is an old sports arcade game released on the Neo Geo. In recent years it has been brought to almost every system, including the Nintendo Switch later this year.

A list of all the games announced are below, as well as their developers, release date, and the point in the presentation they were showcased:

Night Call (Developed by MonkeyMoon, BlackMuffin, Published by Raw Fury.) – Releases Early 2019 – 00:56

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Developed by FDG Entertainment, The Game Atelier, Published by FDG Entertainment & SEGA.) – Releases November 6 2018 – 01:59

The Gardens Between (Developed and Published by The Voxel Agents.) – Releases September 20 2018 – 03:37

Streets of Rogue (Developed by Matt Dabrowski, Published by tinyBuild.) – Releases Winter 2018 -04:41

Bad North (Developed by Plausible Concept, Published by Raw Fury.) – Available Now – 06:19

Moonlighter (Developed by Digital Sun, Published by 11 bit Studios.)- Releases Fall 2018 -07:40

This War of Mine (Developed and Published by 11 bit Studios.) – Releases November 2018 – 08:26

Children of Morta (Developed by Dead Mage, Published by 11 bit studios.) – Releases Early 2019 – 09:08

Everspace Stellar Edition (Developed and Published by ROCKFISH Games.) – Releases December 2018 – 10:14

Baba Is You (Developed and Published by Hempuli Oy.) – Releases Fall 2018 – 12:34

Slay The Spire (Developed by Mega Crit Games, Published by Humble Bundle. ) – Releases Early 2019 – 13:49

Windjammers (Developed and Published by Dotemu.) – Releases October 23 2018 – 15:21

Terraria (Developed by Re-Logic and Engine Software, Published by Re-Logic, 505 Games, Headup Games, Windows.) – Releases 2019 – 17:12

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition (Developed and Published by Double Eleven and Introversion Software.) – Available Now – 17:30

Morphies Law (Developed and Published by Cosmoscope. ) – Available Today – 19:36

The video can be watched below.


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