A New Beginning? Tales of Arise

Alright, so I’m sure you’ve heard by now that next year, Bandai Namco Studios is releasing another Tales game. This time, it’s going to be called Tales of Arise. Cool, right? Well, I’m so excited for it to come out because I am absolutely enamored by the Tales series. I have completely played through three games in the series(Tales of Xillia, Tales of Zestiria, and Tales of Berseria) and am currently playing Tales of the World on my PSP. So yeah, I may have a slight infatuation with these games. But enough of me drooling over all the characters; let’s get down to the meat and bones of the latest game.

So, when the new trailer dropped during E3, my first impression was how good the graphics looked compared to the games in the past. Everything was so crystal clear. Bandai definitely upped their game when developing this one. I also was fascinated by the open world – vast exploration was a mechanic I loved about the older games. The whole open world area made the games seem bigger than they may actually have been. Plus, you had so much environment to explore and find little trinkets and collectibles to help you in the game. And an even bigger perk was that  you could see all the monsters in the domain of that world, so you have the option to choose to fight or flee if you wanted to. I hope to see those same mechanics with the monsters and the findables in Tales Of Arise.

The next thing that caught my eye was the character models. Wow – talk about detail. The female character looked expertly designed, all the way from her individual hair strands down to the lace on her dress. It was the same situation with the male character; visually impressive. Now, one thing I love the most about Tales games is the characters, from the way they look to how they play. So, what I’m hoping they do with this new one is make these characters just as memorable and likable as all the previous games. I am also hoping that this new game has multiplayer. There’s no feeling better than fighting alongside your best friend as you defeat Maotelus or whatever big baddie they have in store for us this time.

Along those same lines, in the trailer the male character seemed to be pulling a sword out of the female. When I saw that, it reminded me of my play-through of Zestiria with what they called ‘Armatization’. In that case it was where the main character and his side support fused to become an even stronger version of both of them. I wouldn’t mind if a similar mechanic was added to this game as well. I always found it mesmerizing when the two would fuse and kick some demon butt. It doesn’t have the be the same thing but a similar situation could be implemented into the game.


Probably one of the most important commodities I’m looking forward to in Tales of Arise is the battle system. Now, looking at the trailer, it seems as if it’s going to vary from the original way we’ve been used to in the past. To elaborate, there weren’t any health or status bars at the bottom of the screen or any special meters needing to be filled. Maybe it was just because it was a trailer and that’s why it wasn’t present, r maybe we are getting different battle mechanics. Only time will tell us the details when we get actual gameplay in the future.  If anything, I hope they have a freely moving camera during battles. Having that would make everything else bearable( for me, anyway).

One cool thing that I would like to see in this game is maybe some cameos from past games.  I absolutely adore all the characters so it would make me so happy if Zaveid or Sorey made a guest appearance.. One can only assume it will but they could always surprise us. Based off of what I have seen and what I know so far, I have high hopes for Tales of Arise.

So, to wrap this up, I have many thoughts and hopes for Tales of Arise. I feel like Bandai will do a fantastic job turning the next game in the tales series into another beautiful game. I look forward to more news and updates before it is released.


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