Destiny 2 Forsaken: All The Combat Changes Detailed

The latest stream for Destiny 2 Forsaken revealed adequate information on how combat is changing when Forsaken launches next month. Almost every aspect of the combat has been changed including weapons, supers, and mods. A full list of the changes are below:

  • The core goals for Year 2 were to give players more options, make the game more rewarding, and increase the skill gap.
  • Existing grenades, abilities, and supers have been altered for all players.
  • Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapon slots still exist. Any weapon can be put in any slot. However, the ammo variants: Primary, Special, and Heavy, are now tied to a specific weapon, not a specific slot. For example, a Sniper can be in the Kinetic, Energy, or Power slot, but will always come with Heavy ammo. This is a way to balance weapons and stop overpowered loadouts.
  • Year 1 Weapons will be rearranged to the new slot system on August 28th.
  • You spawn with Special Ammo in PvP.
  • Random perk rolls on weapons are back
  • Rangefinder Perk is back and can be on Hand Cannons.
  • Masterworks on weapons now affect Weapon Stats, such as Magazine Size and reduced recoil.
  • Masterworks on weapons can be levelled 10 times. For example a 1% – 10% range boost on Hand Cannons.
  • The Mod System Has Been Reworked, Mods now affect Weapon Stats.
  • Mods on weapons no longer affect element.
  • Dismantling Weapons drops the mod which was on that weapon.
  • There is no light level on Mods.
  • Mods that affect supers have been added to the game.
  • Melee Kills now 2 hit kill.
  • Hand Cannons can take only 3 headshots to kill.
  • Shoulder Charge can kill enemies in one hit.
  • Nightstalker’s Tether attaches to people faster and more often.
  • The Golden Gun time has been extended.
  • The Throwing Knife damage has been increased.
  • Stormtrance damage has been increased.
  • Pulse Rifles take three bursts to the head to kill.
  • Fast rate-of-fire-scout rifles can kill with 5 shots to the head.
  • Dieing with three shotguns in PvP only spawns you with two shotgun shells.
  • Special Ammo drops directly from enemies. There are no longer any crates on the map.
  • Warlock’s Healing Rift is now more effective.
  • Warlock’s Empowering Rift buffs precision damage
  • Cooldown Mods for abilities can now be stacked more effectively.
  • These changes arrive before Forsaken launches on August 28.

That covers all the changes coming to Destiny 2’s combat in Year 2. Recently a new edition of Destiny 2 Forsaken was announced that comes with all the previously released content.