Gamescom 2018: Battlefield V introduces new player progression and Xbox system bundles

Gamescom 2018 is lighting up the news feed with all new releases and updates from the biggest upcoming titles. During the Inside Xbox: Gamescom 2018 Special, we are given more insight into Battlefield V and the changes they are making to player progression through their post launch experience, “Tides of War”.

Tides of War will evolve over time after the launch of Battlefield V on October 19th, giving players more customization, abilities, and fresh ways to play the game. The biggest change comes through their “build your company” features, which enables players to obtain all the tools necessary for their soldiers, weapons, and vehicles to be successful on the battlefield. Dice brings more depth to classes with new combat roles, which make welcome changes to stagnant player progression from previous titles. Each class will have unique load outs and abilities that can be earned over time, such as new fortification systems for the support class, and new ways to keep your squad alive as a medic.

As players progress through Tides of War, they will have the ability to “Gear up their company”, which includes unlock-able tactical choices for weapons and vehicles to customize your play style and stand out. Soldiers and weapons will be customized as well, allowing you to personalize the look and feel for your experiences throughout the war torn landscape.


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