Haven – PAX West 2019

Meet a game entirely of its own kind. Published and developed by a small company called The Game Bakers, known for Furi, Haven comes at us in an entirely new light. We hoped to see this game be released in 2020 on Ps4 and PC.


Haven follows a couple of lovers as they escape onto an unknown planet to escape from the enemies that are chasing them. Through dialogue and the decisions you choose, you are able to make their relationship stronger and impact the effect of the game. Glide and dash your way around the planet’s environment and collect appledews for your meals. While it may seem nothing but peaceful, be wary of monsters on the planet that try to kill you as you fight with your partner. Introducing local couch co-op, play alone or together with a friend and explore the worlds together.


First announced at PAX West this year, we hope to have more information soon. Check back often for more updates. Watch gameplay on our youtube channel here and enjoy just as much as we did.


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