Is Madden’s new story mode a “Longshot”

E3 2017 introduced the gaming world to some new games to hit the shelves this fall and next year.  One of the many games released at this year’s E3 was the annual installment of Madden NFL 18.  Each year the Madden NFL franchise releases a new game, however the newest release came with a couple features that have never been seen in the Madden franchise.

As previously referenced by EA Sports, gamers knew that Madden took on the Frostbite software from Battlefield (See Details Here), but what they didn’t know was the newest feature that was added to the game.

EA Sports and the Madden NFL franchise released the trailer for the my player mode titled “Long shot.” This mode allows the player to follow the football career of Devin Wade in the scripted story-mode.

“There’s a human story here, it’s not just locker rooms and GM offices and sideline volatility – it is a lot about a person’s emotional journey away from the field,” stated creative director Mike Young.

This is not the first time that EA Sports has done a my player mode for a football game.  EA introduced the game mode “Road to Glory” on NCAA Football 07.  The mode allowed players to create a player and play through high school and go into the college of their choice.


Road to Glory – NCAA Football 07

This is the first time that Madden NFL has had a story mode in its’ 29 year history.  It remains to be seen how the game mode will fair, but gamers will be the judge when the release hits on August 25, 2017.


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