Netflix’s The Witcher Comes In December – Here’s The New Trailer

A new trailer has just dropped for Netflix’s The Witcher series, along with the information that the show is coming out on December 20th.

A couple of months back we got a teaser for Netflix’s The Witcher, but it mostly only served to show off the cast and how Netflix is adapting the world of the bestselling novels. With the new trailer, we now know more about how the showrunners are handling the overarching plot.

The narration in the opening of the trailer tells us a little bit about the freelance monster hunters known as Witchers and then moves on to talk about the themes of destiny and morality that heavily overlay the story. We hear Geralt (played by Henry Cavill) reject the idea of being bound to destiny, and we also see that he retains the dry wit he’s known for.


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