Supraland 2 Announced on Kickstarter

After gaining a substantial amount of traction in only a few months, the action puzzle-platformer with a Metroidvania flair Supraland is on its way to getting a sequel. Carrying a rather modest funding goal of $22,731, the developer Supra Games promises a 15+ hour experience and ports to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, available in 2021. Released on April 5th, 2019, Supraland has been met with near unanimous praise for its expansive structure (lending itself to A-to-Z progression and open exploration mutually) and versatile puzzle design. A larger team comprised of additional combat and narrative designers are said to accompany the development of Supraland 2.

A pledge of $17 will get you upcoming Supraland dlc as well as Supraland 2, the former already confirmed for release later this year. The highest pledge reward at $63 will give you testing access to Supraland‘s dlc along with Supraland 2, putting you in direct contact with the developers to offer feedback. The announcement of Supraland 2 coincides with a 33% off sale on Steam of Supraland, reducing its price to $13.39. A free demo is also available alongside a feverish base of fans and reviewers attesting to the game’s quality. With a promise that Supraland 2 will get made outside of “unforeseen disaster”, now is as good of a time as ever to explore the budding franchise.


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