Weekly Round-Up: Radical Heights Releases, God of War Reviews and More!

Here is all the news you may have missed from last week!

God of War Reviews Are In

God of War reviews are finally in, and it seems we have another system seller for the PS4 on the way, as many critics have called the game a masterpiece. Critics praised the game’s combat, cinematic story and characters, with little to no complaints, the game has landed a very respectable 94 on MetaCritic, which makes it the third highest ranked game on the PS4 sitting behind only GTA V and The Last of Us. If you had any doubts about God of War, now is the time to put them aside and join the rest of us as we sit around and eagerly await for the games release on April 20th.

New Fortnite Update Released

Update 3.5 was recently released for the hottest game around, Fortnite. The update includes a new item to the battle royale mode called Port-a-Fort, which is basically a fort in your pocket. If building is not your strong suit, you should be on the lookout for this new item. The update also includes multiple bug fixes, and should cause the game to load faster on all systems. The 50v50 mode is also set to make a return next week with a few small tweaks added, which excites me because its the only mode I can seem to catch a win in.

Radical Heights Releases

It looks as if Fortnite and PUBG seem to have some competition, as Radical Heights, a new battle royale title from Boss Key Studios, was announced and then released into Steam Early Access this week. Radical Heights has a unique 80’s style, and features the ability to ride BMX bikes around the map. Other than the unique look of the title, battle royale fans should know what to expect when going into this one, and even though the game is a bit rough around the edges at the moment, (as it has only been in full development for a few months now), it has seemed to gather a lot of fans, hopefully it can get the ball rolling and continue its early success.

Red Dead Redemption Receives an Upgrade on the Xbox One X

Xbox One X owners received a nice surprise this week, as Red Dead Redemption received a patch that allows the game to run at 4K. The upgraded version looks much better than the original title, and even though it may highlight a few of the games dated problems, it still manages to offer the best version of the game available. If you can’t wait for Red Dead 2 or your just looking for a reason to jump back into John Marston’s story, this update offers the best excuse yet.

Multiple Titles are Free to Play this Weekend

Both Injustice 2, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands are free to play this weekend. Each title is worth a look, as Injustice 2 is full of your favorite DC superheroes and villains such as Wonder Woman and The Joker,  it also offers one of the deepest and most rewarding fighting game experiences of this generation. While Ghost Recon Wildlands offers a military shooter best experienced with three of your closest friends, as the game gets repetitive much faster in solo mode. Although the game is far from perfect, Wildlands still offers an enjoyable open-world shooter focusing on ridding Bolivia of the infamous Santa Blanca cartel. Make sure to give both these titles a look if you have the time to spare this weekend.


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